How we began

Our Story

The lightbulb moment

Back in 2020, our CEO and co-founder Tash, was unable to return a pair of trousers due to a lost receipt. This sparked the question: Why are we still using paper receipts? Why are current digital receipt systems so outdated?

What happened next?

Frustrated by the lack of digital alternatives, Tash decided to create a better in-store solution for both retailers and customers. Teaming up with co-founder Eddy, they started building the idea of a mobile app to host your receipts, which uses QR-code technology to offer a faff-free experience.

Slip raises support

With support from influential figures in the retail industry, Slip raised successful pre-seed funding round, gaining support from VCs and leading angel investors in retail and technology. They started growing an awesome team and building their solution.

Where we're up to...

The team at Slip are passionate about transforming the high street for a paperless tomorrow. We're loving every minute of the journey and would love you to join us to Give Receipts the Slip!