Here at Slip we give paper receipts a pretty bad rep, we’ve called them unsustainable, toxic and a waste of space. But that's unfair, enough of the name-calling. We've made a super-duper serious list of the 5 best uses of paper receipts and why we just can’t live without them in 2022…

Origami Shirts

We’re starting off with a bit of an obvious one. Without receipts we would not be able to make comically small origami shirts, one of the great joys of being alive, look at the picture below, it’s absolutely hysterical. And as most money is turning plastic, we must, and we will, turn to receipts to fold these bad boys up.

Toxic Kindling

Some people use small pieces of wood to start fires, yawn. We like to use receipts, we’ve got loads spare, they light easily and, due to their chemical coating burning them produces toxic smoke which is always a bit of a laugh, 10/10 would recommend. (This whole blog is a joke, please don’t actually burn receipts and sue me)

Terrible Wrapping Paper

We find conventional wrapping paper to be far too secretive, so why not use the receipt of the present to wrap the present! Genius we know. This has some pretty massive advantages: the recipient of the gift will know what the present is and how much it cost before they even open it, and the receipt will be destroyed when its opened so no chance of returns. Perfect!

Toilet Paper

I’m not going to talk you through this one, you get the idea…

Hamster Duvets

Hamster Duvets. Duvets for hamsters. Is the world ready? Probably not no, but that's a risk we’re willing to take. I couldn’t find any pictures on the internet of a hamster using a receipt as a duvet, and Googling “Hamster Duvet” came up with some pretty weird stuff, but you guys can picture it, what a world that would be. Imagine this little guy or tucked in, amazing.

In case you’ve read this far and not realised, this whole blog post was a joke. There’s literally no good reason for paper receipts in 2022, not even for hamster duvets. So let’s go paperless, remove the faff, and give receipts the Slip.