Give receipts the Slip

Unlock the power of your data with product level insights, fully customisable data reports, all while becoming more sustainable and ditching paper receipts!


Live in four small steps

Integration with your POS

We have partnered with leading point-of-sale providers to offer seamless, plug-and-play integrations for retailers. There is no additional hardware required and no heavy-lifting for your technical teams.

Access your dashboard

Our insights dashboard is designed to help retail teams access a single view of the customer, prioritising in-store data capture. We’re bridging the omnichannel data gap, one receipt at a time.

Customise your data

Our custom report builder allows your teams to monitor trends over time and location at SKU level. Get to know your customers and their buying behaviour.

Target your key customers

Using our bespoke offer builder, send offers to target new and existing customers. We help our retail partners offer personalisation at scale and open doors to new opportunities.

POS integration that works for you

Plug and play
No hardware required
Secure API connection
No more pen & paper
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Hear from our CEO and Co-founder Tash on how Slip can benefit retailers, improving shopping experiences.

Tash Grossman
CEO & Founder

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