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One shopping trip at a time.

Since Slip's creation in April 2021, this is how many receipts have been printed in the UK. Due to their chemical coating these are non-recyclable and harmful to the environment.


Slip app for shoppers

Digital receipts

Never lose a receipt again or scramble through your emails for the correct one. Slip allows you to view and manage all of your receipts in one, simple to use place.

Exclusive offers and discounts

Receive personalised offers, rewards and discounts from some of your favourite stores. Never miss out on an in-store bargain again, as Slip will let you know when the sale begins!

Easy returns

Simply visit your receipt, click return items and present your QR code at checkout and the store will do the rest.

No extra fuss

Present your QR code at checkout, this will be scanned and then your receipt will be sent straight to the receipts section of your Slip app.

Learn about Slip and what we do in under 40 seconds.

Tash Grossman
CEO & Founder

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