Hello friends of Slip, Milo here! I've taken a break from blogging to let our Summer Intern, Hayden, tell you about some of his favourite B Corps! Big shoes to fill, but I reckon he's pulled it off:

Looking for ways to shop while saving the world? Search for the B-Corp sign! B-Lab is a non-profit organisation which certifies businesses that meet their high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

There are five impact areas: Governance, Workers, Environment, Community and Customers - which are used to rate businesses on a scale of their social and environmental impact. Those which score above 80 points total from the impact areas are awarded the coveted B-Corp certification. 

These impact areas ensure that businesses are governed by an ethical mission, ensure their workers are treated fairly and receive career development opportunities, work to reduce their carbon footprint, give back to the community, and monitor customer outcomes and wellbeing. And so, you can rest assured when shopping at B-Corp certified businesses that your spending is making an impact.

There are currently over 5000 B-Corp certified businesses. Here are 5 of our favourite B-Corp businesses! 

Abel & Cole

With a rise in on-demand grocery delivery services, it’s hard to be lazy and sustainable at the same time. Introducing Abel & Cole, an online grocery store that sources their products from organic UK farmers. They deliver your food using sustainable packaging and carbon neutral delivery. You can do your weekly shopping from your couch, whilst binging the new Stranger Things season, supporting the environment and local farmers.

Source: Abel & Cole

Stroud Brewery

Stroud Brewery has a fantastic selection of craft beers which are sure to leave you relaxed and happy. Plus, they use organic ingredients in all their beers. Though you may not drink responsibly, you can at least drink sustainably.

Ben & Jerry’s

Because we all love ice cream? Unfortunately, the cows involved in the production of ice cream are a major source of carbon. However, Ben & Jerry’s are committed to lowering their carbon footprint and making the production of ice cream more sustainable. So go sit by the beach with a big tub of Ben & Jerry’s to keep cool this summer while you help Ben and Jerry’s achieve their carbon goals.


Off to the Arctic to research how to stop the melting polar caps? Or going to the shore to a beach clean-up? Patagonia’s got you covered. They have activewear for any occasion which is built to last and 94% are made from recycled or sustainable materials. Also, 1% of all items that you purchase goes straight to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Go check out the penguins in Antarctica in your new Patagonia coat. 

Source: bradtguides


Hot off the press, Hurr are one of the newest B-Corp’s in town. They allow you to rent designer dresses and clothes for any fancy occasion at an affordable price. Just browse their selection, pick the one you want, and order! Your dress arrives in reusable packaging and is cleaned using green dry cleaning. You can go to that black-tie charity event in a sustainable style.

These are just a few of our favourites of the thousands of B-Corp certified companies. If you’re not sure how to start making an impact, look for the B-Corp sign and know your shopping is making a difference.